The Old State House and Old South Meeting House have merged to become Revolutionary Spaces.


On December 16, 1773, 5,000 colonists met at Old South Meeting House to decide the fate of three shiploads of tea docked in Boston Harbor... now it's YOUR turn!

It's December 16th, and trouble is brewing in Boston. Join us to travel back in time and relive one of the most iconic public protests in American history-- the Boston Tea Party!

For the first time,  the ticketed “Meeting of the Body of the People” inside Old South Meeting House will provide an opportunity to learn about the diverse viewpoints, hopes, and fears of a cross-section of all 18th-Century Bostonians. This year the Old South Meeting House script will include voices of women and people of color – Boston residents excluded from the town meetings that led to the Boston Tea Party. Join us to learn something new about 1773 Boston!

Every December 16, we partner with The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum and more than 100 volunteer reenactors to bring the Boston Tea Party to life!

Join us December 16, 2019 and help us relive history! 
The 246th Anniversary Boston Tea Party Reenactment
Monday December 16th, 2019 at 6:30pm
Presented by Old South Meeting House and The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

First, gather at Old South Meeting House, the actual historic landmark where the colonists met in 1773, with Boston's infamous rabblerousers like Samuel Adams, Paul Revere-- and even some crown-loving Loyalists-- to debate the tea tax and demand liberty from the British crown. Then, join the fife and drum led procession to Griffin's Wharf, and line the shores of Boston Harbor with scores of colonists to "Huzzah!" the Sons of Liberty as they storm the Brig Beaver and toss that troublesome tea into the icy waters below! 

Event Schedule

6:30pm "Meeting of The Body of the People" (TICKET REQUIRED) 
Ticket holders join an authentic, spirited, and theatrical colonial meeting at Old South Meeting House to protest the colonial tax on tea, just as unprecedented numbers of colonists gathered in this very building 246 years ago. (INSIDE PERFORMANCE REQUIRES TICKET) 

6:30pm "Friends! Brethren! Countrymen!" (FREE TO THE PUBLIC)
As the town meeting rages inside of Old South Meeting House, join the crowds outside and hear from a Town Crier and the women of Colonial Boston as they discuss news of this tea crisis. (OUTSIDE PERFORMANCE FREE TO THE PUBLIC)

Led by fife & drum corps, we'll parade through the Financial District of Boston and down to the Waterfront where Griffin’s Wharf once stood. We'll follow same route the original Patriots walked to Boston Harbor to destroy the tea! 

Stand side-by-side with the colonists as we line the shores of Boston Harbor. We'll "Huzzah!" as the Sons of Liberty storm aboard the Brig Beaver to destroy chest after chest of East India Company Tea.

Ticket Holder Info

Your tickets include: 
1) General admission seating at the historic Old South Meeting House, the center of protest in colonial Boston where the colonists gathered in 1773.
2) Escorted access in the parade to the harbor. 
3) Guaranteed viewing with the best sight lines to the action aboard the Brig Beaver at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. 

Will-Call Info

The Reenactment sells out every year; however, we usually have a small number of tickets become available the evening of the event. We will not know if or how many tickets will be available until December 16th and will announce that information on our Facebook page. The following information is the will-call process if we have tickets available. Will-call tickets are available for pick-up at Old South Meeting House only. All tickets left at will-call must be picked up at Old South Meeting House before 6:15 pm for entry into the event. We cannot guarantee admittance for tickets picked up after 6:30 pm. Will-call tickets are non-transferable and will only be distributed to the individual who purchased them. A member of your group will not be able to claim them for you.

Of Note

The Annual Boston Tea Party Reenactment begins at Old South Meeting House, 310 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts, and ends at the Harborwalk behind the InterContinental Boston Hotel, Congress Street Bridge. Transportation is not provided between venues. The parade route is between 1/4 and 1/2 mile long over the streets and sidewalks of Downtown Boston. This is a rain, snow or shine event. Please plan accordingly and dress warmly.

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