A Proud History of Democracy & Dissent

Old South Meeting House in Boston, Massachusetts, is a museum, National Historic Landmark, and  active center for civic dialogue and free expression since 1729.

Old South Meeting House, Boston, MA

The famed 1729 National Historic Landmark where the Boston Tea Party
began in 1773 is located at the corner of Milk and Washington Streets in
the Downtown Crossing area of Boston.

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Relive the Boston Tea Party at Old South Meeting House

01. Introduction

NO TAX ON TEA! That cry from the colonists brewed the rebellious Boston Tea Party.
[Brewed awakening]

02. Revolution 1773

December 16, 1773: 5,000 people crowded into Old South Meeting House and started a revolution.  [The meeting]

03. List of  Participants

Almost 150 patriots stormed the ships to destroy the tea.
[Know their names]

04. Reenactment

Our annual reenactment of the event that sparked the American Revolution. 
[The reenactment]

05. History

Just what was all that fuss over tea about? [History]

06. Timeline

From Tea Party to Revolution: 1773-1775. [Timeline]

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Learn more about the decision on December 16, 1773, when 5,000 angry colonists gathered at the Old South Meeting House to protest a tax... and started a revolution with the Boston Tea Party. 

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