George Washington, Jocelyn Elders, Louisa May Alcott, Booker T. Washington, Samuel Adams, Howard Zinn, Wendell Phillips, W.E.B. DuBois, John Hancock...

They all spoke at Old South Meeting House, and you can add the speakers of your next public event to this prestigious list.

Old South Meeting House Partners in Public Dialogue Program Information, Policies, and Application

Since the 1773 mass protest meetings that led to the Boston Tea Party, Old South Meeting House has been a gathering place for discussion and celebration and a haven for free speech. Today the mission of the Old South Association is to preserve the Meeting House as an inspiring symbol of free speech and democratic ideals and to continue its active use as a meeting place for the free exchange of ideas. In support of this mission, Old South Meeting House with the finacial support of the Lowell Institute offers organizations with qualified events an opportunity to collaborate in presenting events to the public in an inspiring historic setting.

In order for an event to be considered as a Partners in Public Dialogue program, it must:

  • be presented by a non-profit or community organization;
  • be educational, cultural, or civic in nature;
  • be open and publicized widely to the general public;
  • have no admission fee;
  • communicate and/or exchange ideas in a panel discussion, lecture, artistic presentation, forum or similar format;
  • and comply with the policies of Old South Meeting House.

If your event is selected as part of the Partners in Public Dialogue program, Old South Meeting House will co-sponsor the event, waiving standard fees for the building rental, normally a cost of $1,100 to $4,000+. Direct costs for staffing, sound system or other equipment will be greatly discounted and are the responsibility of the Partners in Public Dialogue applicant. Old South Meeting House staff will help you plan both the publicity and the logistics of the event. Specific responsibilities and expectations are outlined separately.

To apply: Please fill out the application, sign the policies document and return to, fax to (617) 482-9621 or mail to:

Attn: Partners in Public Dialogue
Old South Meeting House
310 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108

Upon receiving the application, Old South Meeting House will contact you about the specific details of your event and arrange for an on-site consultation.

*PLEASE NOTE: Non-profit discounts are available for event rentals that do not qualify under the "Partners in Public Dialogue" program. Please contact for details.

Authors, speakers and performers that would like to present at Old South Meeting House as part of our own museum educational programs may contact

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