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Celebrate the 245th Anniversary Boston Tea Party Reenactment with Old South Meeting House & Boston Tea Party Ships Museum

6:30 pm
8:30 pm
December 16, 2018
Old South Meeting House
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Friends! Brethren! Countrymen!

It's time to celebrate the 245th Anniversary Boston Tea Party Reenactment with Old South Meeting House and the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum on Sunday, December 16, 2018! Make history at our interactive and family-friendly reenactment of that fateful night almost 250 years ago when patriots brewed up a rebellion with saltwater tea! 


6:30pm "Meeting of The Body of the People" - Join an authentic, spirited and theatrical colonial meeting at Old South Meeting House to protest the colonial tax on tea, just as unprecedented numbers of colonists gathered in this very building 245 years ago. [Requires ticket]

As the town meeting rages inside of Old South Meeting House, you can also join the crowds gathering outside as the Town Crier brings news to the streets. [Free and open to the public]

7:30pm "Huzzah for Griffin's Wharf" March - Led by fife & drum corps, the public is invited to Parade through the Financial District of Boston, down to the Waterfront where Griffin’s Wharf once stood. We'll follow same route the original Patriots walked to Boston Harbor to destroy the tea! [Free and open to the public]

8:00pm "Boston Harbor, A Teapot Tonight!" - The public is invited to line the shores of Boston Harbor and watch as the Sons of Liberty storm aboard the Brig Beaver to destroy chest after chest of East India Company Tea. [Ticket-holders receive guaranteed seating; standing room free and open to the public]

For full details, including ticketing information, will call policies, and more, please see our official Boston Tea Party Reenactment page.

$18.00 early-bird tickets available through August 31; $25.00 discounted tickets available through September 30; $30 general admission tickets available through December 16.

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